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About Us

”Morocco Desert Safari Tour”  is a team of professionals and experts in the domain of tourism and more precisely in the field of Desert tours. The whole team is led and represented by Tuareg people, born in the Sahara and raised up in the wilderness.

”Morocco Desert Safari Tour”  consists of a group of young nomad guides, born in the heart of the Sahara Desert. We speak several languages including, French, Spanish, English, Arabic, Berber and Tuareg and receive people from all around the world.

The desert is a fascinating place and is worth well visiting, however, you cannot soak it in without reliable and cautious guides whose perfect knowledge of the region is the guarantee of total security and a successful journey through the wilderness of the desert.Whether on foot, on the back of a camel or even driving a robust 4×4, those highly qualified guides belonging to ”Morocco Desert Safari Tour” Team will do their best to make your trip a piece of heaven on earth and they will help you get in touch with the mysteries of the Sahara, this untrammelled piece of land of which they know even the slightest of secrets.

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